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Geoskincare is established in 2000, and we are one of the largest skincare companies in New Zealand. Our manufacturing base is about 20,000 square meters, with eco-friendly production lines. At Geoskincare, our goal is to create products that make you look and feel your best. We use the safest, most natural ingredients, so you can treat yourself without the worry of damaging chemicals or other harmful ingredients. Our ingredients are derived from natural unspoiled sources. We take care to ensure no harm is done in their harvest, and where possible will source all materials from local New Zealand suppliers. We create our products in New Zealand with magical energy, natural minerals, essential oils and pure extracts. It's our mission to provide customers with the results they're after in the purest way possible.


Our amazing founder Penny Vergeest, wanting to find targeted solutions for specific skin conditions, using ingredients as natural as possible, she then begin on her journey to research and learn about all the beneficial properties of natural minerals, essential oils and pure extracts that benefits our body and skin. While she was still training as an aesthetician, the promising results she got from her research, motivated her to build Geoskincare and therefore led to the formulation of the Geoskincare range today. 

"I have a real belief in the fact that skincare products go much deeper than just the physical. Customers who suffer from skin disorders, breakouts and poor skin are affected in many ways emotionally and physically and this has a big impact on other aspects of life. I have a real passion for educating customers on how to look after their body and skin and offer practical steps to achieving total wellness. I am also inspired by helping consumers understand which ingredients should be in their skin and body care products, and which ingredients should not! I believe there is no room in this industry for ingredients or messages that are toxic and I am committed to producing skin and body care products which are healthy, not harmful."


Geoskincare products are sold worldwide, including USA, England, Holland, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, in SPAs and beauty stores. Finally, now in Australia. Geoskincare launched their products in CS channels in China in Oct, 2014. Entered Watsons in Jan, 2015. Also in department stores from April, 2015. In 2017, Swisse cooperated with Geoskincare in chain stores businesses. Now Geoskincare owns thousands of stores, including in malls, and pharmacies.

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