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Blemish Away Bundle

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Geoskincare Blemish Away Bundle 

Whether your oily skin promotes breakouts or keeps your pores clogged, the Blemish Away Set is curated specially for you to treat, eliminate and prevents pore blockages. The healing compounds in propolis help fight off acne not only due to its antibacterial nature but also for its anti-inflammatory properties. It eases the redness of the skin and soothes the skin by cooling the temperature of the skin. In other words, propolis does not simply get rid of already existing acne but also prevents further acne. 


Geoskincare Volcanic Deep Pore Cleanser + Propolis Acne Clarifying Toner + Propolis Acne Clarifying SOS Essence + Thermal Spring SOS Essence + Protein Essence Spray 

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How do I use this set?

1. Cleanse face with Geoskincare Volcanic Deep Pore Cleanser

2. Make a ratio of 1:1 Propolis Toner & Essence wet compress, apply on the targetted area for 10 minutes. Rinse face with lukewarm water. 

3. Follow on with 5-6 pumps of Thermal Spring SOS Essence over your face, neck, and chest.

4. Lastly, apply Protein Essence Spray to the entire face.

5. Each day, finish with a sunscreen rated SPF 15 or greater.